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The Event of a Lifetime Deserves Roast!

We would love to be apart of your wedding! When you choose Roast Coffee Catering, you are choosing Southeastern Wisconsin’s premier espresso bar caterer. With over 20 years of experience in the specialty coffee industry, we pride ourselves on quality and professionalism, while making your event personalized and memorable.

If good coffee is important to you, then Roast Coffee Catering is the perfect coffee for the most memorable events! We offer and exclusive drink menu created in-house that changes based on seasonality. Our espresso bars are self-sufficient and fit within an 8’ foot space. We supply everything except power.

Leave a lasting impression with a full-service espresso bar from Roast Coffee Catering!

Espresso Bar Packages

We offer an All-Inclusive package, which means you and your guests will receive unlimited drinks, professional service, and top quality drinks served in ceramic cups throughout the evening. We have two simple packages you can choose from our Short Roast Espresso Bar Package or a Customizable Package.

Short Roast Espresso Bar:

The Short Roast Espresso Bar is a 3-hour espresso service. The client is able to choose the time that fits the flow of their event. We find most brides coincide the Short Roast with after-dinner drinks, dessert, and dancing. The menu consists of Traditional and Specialty Drinks.

Customizable Packages:

If you have a desire that doesn’t fit into a 3-hour package, we would be thrilled to develop a custom package to match your needs. Let us know the details and we can work together to create an unforgettable coffee experience!

Logistics and Needs

We offer a full-service, self-sufficient, catering service that your guests will love. You can expect us to arrive ~1 ½ hours before the service begins to ensure everything is ready when your guests arrive. The service will start at the specified time and we clean up and pack out when finished. We are fully licensed and insured and require an 8’ table with linen and access to a 20 amp dedicated electrical circuit.

Tastings and Customizations

You can sample our espresso drinks before committing at Roast Coffee Catering’s retail location. Contact us and we can set up a time to meet.

Whether you would like to feature hot or iced drinks, regular or decaf, non-milk alternatives, or a specific coffee of your choice, we have the details covered. We work with you to ensure your wedding represents you.

Pricing Structure

Pricing is based on the number of guests attending the reception. We have found ‘total number of guests’ to be the simplest model for our couples because the cost can be easily distilled into a per-person cost. Other models tend to be confusing and cumbersome for the client, barista, and others involved. The total number of guests leaves no surprises and happy customers!

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